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A range of tools and accessories that will make your Heat Transfer Vinyl creations easier and better.
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Accessories & Tools
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Silhouette Tool Kit
£15.46 (£18.55 inc. VAT)
Essential tools for weeding vinyl and print & cut materials such as transfer paper
Silhouette Hook for weeding transfer films
£5.67 (£6.80 inc. VAT)
An essential tool for weeding vinyl and print & cut materials such as transfer paper
Silhouette Spatula for lifting delicate materials
£5.67 (£6.80 inc. VAT)
The perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing
Stainless Steel Tweezers for easier weeding
£7.95 (£9.54 inc. VAT)
A single set of high quality stainless steel tweezers - perfect for weeding garment film
Silhouette Scraper to aid the application of transfer films
£2.85 (£3.42 inc. VAT)
To aid application of garment film and vinyls - also useful for scraping your cutting mat clean!
Colour Card for SEF FlexCut and MetalFlex
£2.95 (£3.54 inc. VAT)
See all the SEF FlexCut and MetalFlex colours in one place
MetalFlex Transfer Film Sample T-Shirt
£2.95 (£3.54 inc. VAT)
Thinking about trying MetalFlex but not sure what the colours look like on fabric? This mini t-shirt showcases all colours within the MetalFlex range.
Cricut Applicator & Remover Set
£14.50 (£17.40 inc. VAT)
Extend the life of your Cricut FabricGrip cutting mat with this toolset designed for flawless fabric application and removal
Cricut Basic Tools Set
£19.43 (£23.32 inc. VAT)
Enjoy all five Cricut® Tools in one basic set with four interchangeable end caps
Cricut Scraper & Spatula
£9.00 (£10.80 inc. VAT)
This crafting duo aids in every project you can imagine, from delicate paper projects to vinyl decals
Cricut TrueControl Knife
£8.65 (£10.38 inc. VAT)
With its razor-sharp edge, piercing tip, and superior blade lock system, Cricut® TrueControl Knife gives you better control and beautiful results every time.
Cricut Weeding Tool Kit
£16.67 (£20.00 inc. VAT)
Lift, remove, and place the most intricate cuts with speed, ease, and accuracy
FlexTape Transfer Mask
From:£0.30 (£0.36 inc. VAT)
Designed for lifting printable heat transfer vinyl from its carrier for easier positioning onto fabric
FlockTape Transfer Mask
From:£2.50 (£3.00 inc. VAT)
Designed for lifting EcoPrint & FiberPrint printable flock from their carriers for easier positioning
Logogrid-It! Chest Graphic Alignment Tool
£17.95 (£21.54 inc. VAT)
Quickly and easily find the correct placement for chest logos and graphics in seconds!
Siser Glitter Flake - Colour Card
£2.75 (£3.30 inc. VAT)
See all the Siser Glitter Flake colours in one place
Squeegee (100 mm x 73 mm)
£2.50 (£3.00 inc. VAT)
All purpose squeegee 
Standard Weeding Tool for weeding transfer films
£9.95 (£11.94 inc. VAT)
A versatile tool for cutting and weeding away excess transfer material from print & cut materials.
Transfer Remover Spray For HTV
£8.50 (£10.20 inc. VAT)
Transfer remover spray is the perfect solution to remove misplaced heat transfers.