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Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyls have a sticky backing and are used to transfer images onto surfaces – internal and external - without the use of heat.

We offer a range of Adhesive Vinyls that offer a wide range of effects and quick and easy installation onto various flat surfaces including walls, wood, plastic, metal and glass

General Purpose – we offer a range of colours and formats that are suited to internal and external use. The Silhouette range comes in 8 inch and 12 inch wide rolls and are suited to internal and external use. The Aslan range comes in A4, Cameo length and metre-length formats and is better suited for internal use.

Mirror-effect - characterised by a high-quality, scratch-resistant mirror-like effect that can be seen from both sides

Mirror-effect Adhesive Vinyl - Aslan SE75

Metal-effect – creating a polished metallic-effect in gold, silver and rose gold suited to both internal- and external-use

Glitter-effect – textured, hard wearing and durable glitter vinyl with exceptional resistance to water, dirt, abrasion and UV. Available in 9 fantastic colours.

Dichoric-colour change - showing one colour whilst reflecting back another colour, this iridescent effect changes depending on the viewing angle.