Heat Transfer Vinyl - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of fabric is FlexCut Sticky Nylon designed for?
FlexCut Sticky Nylon is designed for coated fabrics. An example of a coated fabric is Nylon. Nylon fabrics are made out of polyamide fibres which can cause issues results with adhesion. Adhesion issues are not because of the fibres themselves but because of the water-repellent coating they have received. The waterproofing coating not only repels water but also the hot melt adhesives used in standard films. FlexCut Sticky Nylon has a specifically designed low temperature hot melt adhesive and is the perfect solution to adhesion problems. An easy Is my Fabric Coated? on the fabric will tell you if you should use FlexCut Sticky Nylon.

Is it possible to layer glitter on glitter??
This isn't recommended

Is it possible to layer other types of heat transfer material onto glitter?
This isn't recommended.