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Heat Transfer Vinyl

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) also known as Heat Transfer Film enables blocks of colour to be transferred onto fabric using a heat press or iron. There is a wide variety of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) available that give a different result. It is also possible to overlay Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) on top of other Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) known as ‘layering’ which can create a more complex result.

We offer two standard ranges of Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) that are available in a wide variety of colours – FlexCut and EasyWeed.

FlexCut is manufactured by the French company SEF and EasyWeed (also called PS Film) is manufactured by the Italian company Siser. The difference between these two Heat Transfer Vinyls (HTV) is partly a matter of preference but there are two other considerations: (1) the colour options available ; and (2) suitability to different contour cutters. FlexCut is best suited to Silhouette Contour Cutters and EasyWeed is best suited to Cricut Contour Cutters.

Heat Transfer Vinyl - EasyWeed


If you want to create a glitter effect that has glass like fragments that glimmer and sparkle then there are Heat Transfer Vinyls (HTV) that create this effect. We supply the market leading product manufactured by Siser called Glitter Flake or sometimes also called Glitter 2.

Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl - Glitter Flake

Glitter Flake

If you want to create a velvety effect, there is flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). We supply VelCut which is a flocked Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) manufactured by SEF made from viscose rayon that has a light furry texture and a velvety feel.

Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl - VelCut     Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl - VelCut

VelCut                                                                                               VelCut

If you want to create a shiny metallic finish, there is metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). We supply MetalFlex which is a metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) manufactured by SEF that is one of the thinnest on the market.

Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl - MetalFlex


If you want to create stunning reflective designs that have increased visibility, there is Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) that can create this effect. We supply a Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) called ReflexCut that uses a technology called retro reflection and meets EN471 standards.

Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl - ReflexCut