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Heat Transfer Vinyl Sample Packs 

Sample packs of a wide range of Heat Transfer Vinyl including our SEF FlexCut, Siser EasyWeed plus we glitter, flock, metallic and reflective.

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HTV - Off-Cut Sample Pack

Off-Cut Sample Pack containing 30 randomly-selected off-cuts from a range of different types of heat transfer vinyl

£9.00 inc. VAT
Cricut-Size Sample Pack

5 x 'Cricut-friendly' sheets of various vinyl all tested to give great results when used with a Cricut machine

£11.94 inc. VAT
SEF FlexCut Sticky - A4 Sample Pack

10 x A4 sheet sample pack of coloured vinyl with a low tack sticky carrier for fine cutting and fast weeding

£12.00 inc. VAT
Siser EasyWeed (PS Film) - A4 Sample Pack

10 x A4 sample pack of vibrant-coloured vinyl, easy-to-use and very durable

£11.22 inc. VAT
SEF FlexCut Atomic - A4 Sample Pack

7 x A4 deep, pearlescent colours with easy cutting and weeding

£8.40 inc. VAT
Siser Glitter Flake - A4 Sample Pack

10 x A4 sheet sample pack of glitter transfer vinyl with glass-like fragments that glimmer & sparkle

£21.00 inc. VAT
SEF MetalFlex - A4 Sample Pack

9 x A4 sheets of light and stretchy Metallic vinyl

£12.60 inc. VAT