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Image Clip® Laser Light Self-Weeding Heat Transfer Paper

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Image Clip® Laser Light heat transfer paper is designed for transferring solid colour logos, graphics or text onto white and light coloured cotton and polyester fabrics. It transfers the printed areas only so there is no need to cut around the image. Simply print the imaging sheet, press it onto the transfer sheet with a heat press, peel the two sheets apart and then press the image onto your chosen substrate.

You will need a laser printer and a heat press
  • A self-weeding laser transfer paper which transfers colour onto white or light fabrics
  • Suitable for transferring solid colour images onto white or light coloured cotton or polyester fabrics
  • Compatible with most laser printers* - you may have to adjust the image settings and paper settings
  • Approved by OKI for use with their printers INDIGO Certified for the 7000-1000 series
  • Mirror or reverse your image before printing
  • Self-weeding - A thin clear film coating is transferred onto printed areas only
  • Use a heat press for application
  • Size(s) available: A4 and A3 sheets*
    *The transfer sheet is approx. 12mm shorter than A4 & A3 in each direction so that it is not mistaken as the imaging (printing) sheet
Leave for 24 hours before washingWash at 30 degreesDo not dry cleanDo not bleachDry at a low heat settingDo not directly iron the transferred image

(!) Please test this product prior to production to determine the best settings for your equipment.
yolö cannot be held liable for any loss or injury arising out of the use of, or inability to use this product but will happily replace any product proven to be defective.

*We cannot guarantee compatibility with specific printers unless they are listed as compatible. If in doubt, consult your printer manufacturer before use. Please test this product prior to production to determine the best settings for your equipment. We recommend testing the paper before production or before attempting to print several sheets at once.


What type(s) of image can this product transfer?

Images with solid intense colours (60%+ saturation) are recommended. White or light colours will not transfer.

*Will this paper work with my laser printer?
We cannot guarantee compatibility with specific printers. If in doubt, consult your printer manufacturer before use. Please test this product prior to production to determine the best settings for your equipment.

What print settings should I use?
Run a few sheets of blank paper through your printer to warm it up and select normal print/image quality. Starting with a normal or plain paper setting, print one sheet of transfer paper at a time using a bypass tray if possible. Gradually increase the paper weight setting** until the toner fuses well and the image does not smudge.
**Papers will usually work better on a slower paper setting e.g. heavy paper, transparency or label mode but always start with a normal paper setting and increase the paper weight setting gradually to reduce the chance of jamming.

Do I have to cut out my image?
No. This paper is designed to be 'self-weeding' which means that there is no need to cut and weed the image. Only printed areas will be transferred.

What colour(s) of fabric can I transfer onto?
This product is recommended for white or light coloured fabric. The fabric colour may show through the image so you cannot transfer a colour lighter than the colour of the fabric itself.

Can this paper be hand-ironed?
Image Clip® paper is almost impossible to hand-iron as it requires accurate and even heat and pressure. Using a heat press is essential.
Size(s): A4 and A3*
Substrate colour(s): White or light colours
Substrate type(s): T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, jigsaw puzzles, leather goods
Fabric type(s): Cotton or cotton/polyester blends
Image type(s): Images with intense colours (50%+ saturation - not tints, gradients or photos)
Self-weeding?: Yes - no polymer background, transfers only the toner
Printer compatibility: Laser ONLY
  - tried and tested: OKI approved and INDIGO Certified for the 7000-1000 series
Paper weight: Approximately 127gsm
Application method: Heat press ONLY
Heat press temperature: 190°C
Heat press pressure: Heavy/firm
Heat press time: 20-30 seconds
Peel: Cold peel
Washing instructions: Machine wash warm and dry at low heat settings
*The transfer sheet is approx. 12mm shorter than A4 & A3 in each direction so that it is not mistaken as the imaging (printing) sheet

Detailed instructions: Download pdf instructions for Image Clip® Laser Light heat transfer paper 


Why is the coating from the transfer sheet not transferring fully to the imaging sheet? i.e. there are uncoated areas or a a "spotty" or uneven coverage.
Firstly, check your image. This paper is recommended for images with intense colours - for pastels, tints or photographs use Techni-Print® EZP. If the image is suitable then try increasing the pressure and delay peeling for 2-3 seconds. Also ensure that the pressure is even by using a Teflon or foam pillow to even out pressure.

Why is the image (toner) transferring from the imaging sheet onto the transfer sheet during the first press?
If toner transfers from the imaging sheet to the transfer sheet then the heat press may be too hot. Check that you have set your press to the correct temperature.

Why is there polymer (film) on the image after the second press?
if there is excess polymer transferring then recover the image with a silicone or Teflon sheet, repress for 30 seconds at 190°C / 375°F and peel when hot. This will result in a smoother transfer. 

Image Clip Laser Light Transfer Paper Tutorial
A guide to using the self weeding Image Clip Laser Light heat transfer paper for light fabrics.

Using Heat Transfer Paper to Transfer Images onto Wood
In this video we show the results we have had using some of our printable heat transfer paper on wood.

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kevin johnson-Taunton-5 Stars

I am a t-shirt designer and tried this for a top that a customer wanted, easy instructions to follow simple process and Fantastic product, great service.

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