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Jet-Pro® SofStretch™ Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper

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PRINT with an inkjet printer  CUT with a contour cutter, craft knife or scissors  PRESS hot

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Neenah heat transfer paper
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Jet-Pro® SofStretch™ heat transfer paper is designed for transferring all types of images onto white and light coloured cotton and polyester fabrics. It is one of the thinnest and inkjet transfers on the market. Simply print your image with an inkjet printer, cut out your design with a contour (plotter) cutter or scissors and press onto your chosen substrate with a hand iron or heat press.

You will need an inkjet printer, a contour cutter or scissors and a hand iron or heat press
  • A stretchable inkjet transfer paper with a soft feel which improves with washing
  • Suitable for transferring all types of images onto white or light coloured cotton or polyester fabrics
  • Compatible with virtually any inkjet printer - print with dye-based, pigment or sublimation inks
  • Mirror or reverse your image before printing
  • Transfers a very thin clear film background with the image
  • Use a hand iron or heat press for application
  • Size(s) available: A4 and A3 sheets, 13", 17" and 24" wide rolls
Leave for 24 hours before washingWash at 30 degreesDo not dry cleanDo not bleachDry at a low heat settingDo not directly iron the transferred image

(!) Please test this product prior to production to determine the best settings for your equipment.
yolö cannot be held liable for any loss or injury arising out of the use of, or inability to use this product but will happily replace any product proven to be defective.


What is the difference between the Jet-Pro® Sofstretch™ and yolö inkjet papers?

Jet-Pro® Sofstretch™ is manufactured by Neenah in the USA and yolö inkjet is sourced from Asia. Jet-Pro® Sofstretch™ is one of the thinnest and softest transfer papers on the market. yolö Inkjet is not just as soft but colours appear slightly more vibrant.

Will this paper work with my inkjet printer?
Almost all inkjet printers are compatible with this paper but there are just too many models on the market for us to test. We recommend testing the paper before production or attempting to print several sheets at once.

What ink is best to use?
We recommend pigment inks for best washability but you can use dye-based, sublimation or pigment inks. Most printers come with standard dye-based inks but some Epson printers come with pigment inks as standard e.g. Durabrite or UltraChrome. Leave the printed image to dry for 10-20 minutes before cutting or pressing.

What print settings should I use?
Our inkjet transfer papers will usually work well on normal paper and image quality setting. Experiment with print settings until you find a setting which prints the best quality image. Avoid using the best image quality settings as too much ink can cause colours to bleed.

Do I have to cut out my image?
Cutting around your image before applying is recommended as unprinted areas of the clear film may be visible on the fabric. You can cut out your image with a craft knife or scissors but contour cutting is recommended for best results. If contour cutting, set the blade to cut through the film layer only.

What colour(s) of fabric can I transfer onto?
This product is recommended for white or light coloured fabric. The fabric colour shows through the clear film so you cannot transfer a colour lighter than the colour of the fabric itself.

Why do the printed colours change after pressing?
As with all transfer papers, there will be some colour changes and unfortunately we are unable to provide specific profile information for individual printer models and inks but feedback on Epson Durabrite inks indicates that decreasing yellow by -20 and increasing magenta and cyan by +5 will improve colours so you may want to experiment using this as guidance.

Can this paper be hand-ironed?
Jet-Pro® Sofstretch™ can be hand ironed, however, some household irons are not able to reach required temperatures for this paper. Heat press application is recommended for best results as due to the lesser amount of pressure and heat, ironing on the product will not be as durable when laundered. If you intend to use a hand iron for this transfer paper then please purchase a sample pack to check you are happy with the results.

I have purchased a roll of this paper. What side do I print on?
When using rolls of Jet-Pro® Sofstretch™ print on the outside surface of the roll.
Size(s): A4 and A3, 13",17" and 24" wide rolls
Substrate colour(s): White or light colours
Substrate type(s): T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, coasters, jigsaw puzzles, leather goods
Fabric type(s): Cotton or cotton/polyester blends
Image type(s): Photos, designs, logos
Printer compatibility: Inkjet ONLY
Ink compatibility: Pigment, dye-based or sublimation (pigment recommended for longevity)
Silhouette settings: Blade: 1, Speed: 3, Thickness: 1
(use a cutting mat and cut through the film layer only)
Application method: Hand iron or heat press
Heat press temperature: 190°C
Heat press pressure: Heavy
Heat press time: 30 seconds
Peel: Hot peel (recommended) or cold peel for a shinier finish
Washing instructions: Machine wash cold and dry at low heat settings

Detailed instructions: Download pdf instructions for Jet-Pro® SofStretch™ heat transfer paper


​​​​I am using a domestic iron and am not happy with the results. Why is this?
Jet-Pro® Sofstretch™ can be hand ironed but some household irons are not able to reach required temperatures for this paper. If possible, heat press application is recommended for best results. If you intend to use a hand iron for this transfer paper then we recommend purchasing a sample pack to test the product. Please follow our guidance on hand ironing here.

How do I get the softest feel on the fabric?
After peeling, lightly stretch the transfer when still warm to lessen hard hand and film edge. You can recover the transfer with a Teflon or silicone sheets and repress again for 5-7 seconds (A Teflon sheet will give a shinier finish). This helps to flatten the fibres after peeling to create a smoother and more durable transfer.

The transfer is yellowing with pressing. What should I do?
​​​​​​​If you think that the transfer and/or fabric is scorching then try reducing the temperature of your heat press by 5-10 degrees Celsius. If you think that the ink is changing colour then you can adjust the image settings as below (the image may appear blue when printed but colours will change on application):
​​​​​​CorelDRAW x3 - click 'auto adjust' in the 'bitmaps tab'
Photoshop - change the 'color balance' using the 'Photo Filter command'


Jet-Pro® SofStretch™ Overview Video

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1,000 sheets 40% £0.41 £0.83
3,000 sheets 45% £0.38 £0.76
5,000 sheets 50% £0.34 £0.69
Roll Size Discount Price per foot Price per roll
13" x 100' (feet) N/A £1.00 £100.00
17" x 100' (feet) N/A £1.20 £120.00

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Customer Reviews

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April-London-5 Stars

Great product! - The best inkjet heat transfer paper I've used yet. It is soft, stretchy and has a minimal background polymer.

Sach-London-5 Stars

Absolutely amazing heat transfer paper, the best so light fabric. Amazing stretch ability and beautiful smooth vibrant colored transfers. Looks just like screen printed designs. Washed a shirt with it on 15+ times and still looks fresh and new.

Chris Connolly-Coventry, UK-5 Stars

Absolutely fantastic! This paper is great for any white, grey or other light colored garments! Would definitely recommend it!

Danny Hill-England-5 Stars

I wouldnt use any other paper on lights. I have tried many but nothing touches this.

Dylan-Foreign country-5 Stars

Top quality. This is the best transfer paper I've ever used. The image remained intact after several washes. It looks like a DTG printing and it can be stretched without any cracks in the transferred image. Fast shipping. I will buy more.

Karl-Iwade-5 Stars

Absolutely blinding inkjet transfer paper. If used with a press it leaves next to no feel of where the paper ends. Best product by far.

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