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Laser Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric

Heat Transfer Paper for Dark Fabric (to be used with laser printers)

Heat transfer papers for dark fabrics work by transferring an opaque background with the image. The ink relies on the opaque background to be visible to produce accurate colour reproduction. Without this background the image becomes lost in the darkness of the fabric either becoming translucent or, on black backgrounds, barely visible. So to ensure the image on the garment looks exactly as it appears on the paper it is essential you use the right paper.

If you are not sure which paper is right for you, see our Heat Transfer Paper Guide.

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Laser 1 Opaque® Laser Heat Transfer Paper
LAS1A400 3
In stock
(based on 2 reviews)
LASER Heat Transfer Paper for dark and coloured fabrics. Produces photo-quality results - suitable for hi-res photographs.
Image Clip® Laser Dark Self-Weeding Heat Transfer Paper
ICLDA400 3
In stock
LASER Heat Transfer Paper for Darks & Brights. Great for text/graphics - self-weeding - no background!
Image Clip® Koncert T's Self-Weeding Heat Transfer Paper
ICKTA400 3
In stock
LASER Heat Transfer Paper for transferring WHITE text/graphics to darks/brights/pastels - self-weeding - no background!
DuraFlex Inkjet-Printable Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl
Out of stock
DuraFlex Inkjet-Printable Dark is a super durable and elastic, printable heat transfer vinyl for dark fabric that works with inkjet and sublimation printers