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Heat Transfer Paper for Light Fabric (to be used with a laser printer)

Heat transfer paper for dark fabrics are thicker because they include an extra layer that blocks out the colour of the fabric. Heat transfer papers for light fabrics have a very thin film layer and so transfer images with the lightest possible feel on the shirt.

If you are not sure which paper is right for you, use our product filter to help identify the right paper or see our Heat Transfer Paper Guide.

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Techni-Print® EZP Laser Heat Transfer Paper

LASER Heat Transfer Paper for white/light colours. New and improved - easier to print, cut, weed and peel.

From: £1.80
From: £2.16 inc. VAT
Image Clip® Laser Light Self-Weeding Heat Transfer Paper

LASER Heat Transfer Paper for Whites/Lights. Great for text/graphics - self-weeding - no background!

From: £2.79
From: £3.35 inc. VAT