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If you change your mind…

If you change your mind, no problem, you can return your order (or part of it). Strictly speaking, you have 14 days from the date of purchase but if it’s a bit after we always try to accommodate. The main thing is it's in a resaleable condition (for pre-packaged items, it should still be in it's packaging). 

In this case, we think it’s fair that you pay the return postage and when we do the refund it won’t include the outgoing shipping costs. You wouldn’t expect an off-line retailer to cover your travel expenses to bring the item back to the shop.

When you send in your return, please include this attached returns form.

If we sent you the wrong item…

If we have sent you the wrong item, please email us immediately on and we will rectify the issue quickly. 

If you didn't get a good experience with your purchase...   

If you have used the product and didn't get a good experience, it is important to appreciate there can be many reasons for this.  We have been selling most of our products for many years and they have been tested many times.  The products that we provide are only one part of the overall process.  Problems can occur due to the printer, digital cutter, heat press and user error.  No two situations are the same and often adjustments are needed. 

Over many years, we have found the usual problem is that the instructions haven't been followed as needed.  Unlike many companies, we provide instructions but there can always be confusion.  If you are not sure, please email us at  We also recommend that, if you are new to a product, your first order is a free off cut, a single A4 sheet or a sample pack.

However, if you are sure there is an issue with the product you purchased, you need to return it to us within two weeks of purchase.  Please send it to us with a completed returns form. We’ll then assess it and if we agree we’ll issue a refund for the complete cost of your order including the outgoing shipping costs and we will also refund your return shipping costs.  If we don't agree there is an issue and if the item is in a resaleable condition, we will refund the cost of the item only (excluding the shipping costs).  We will notify you of the decision by email. 

Where to send the return:

Yolo Creations, 1 Nicholson Centre, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1LB

(and don't forget to include the return form)