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Rhinestones & Glitter

The Silhouette Rhinestone range of products will enable you to create rhinestone templates using your Silhouette cutter. You can then use the templates to customize almost any material with rhinestones including clothing, cards and scrapbook pages. The Silhouette Rhinestone setter is designed for placing individual rhinestones which have a heat activated adhesive.

Silhouette Glitter is available in three colour themes each with six pots of coloured glitter.
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Silhouette Rhinestone Starter Kit

A complete kit to enable you to create and apply your own rhinestone design

£35.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Rhinestones (Single Colour)

10ss (3mm), 16ss (4mm) and 20ss (5mm) rhinestones available in 12 colours

From: £1.66
From: £1.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Rhinestones (Assortments)

10ss (3mm) and 16ss (4mm) rhinestones available in four colour assortments

From: £4.99
From: £5.99 inc. VAT
Bella Machine Cut Rhinestones

6ss (2.1mm), 10ss (2.8mm) and 16ss (4.0mm) rhinestones available in 8 colours

From: £12.95
From: £15.54 inc. VAT
Silhouette Rhinestone Template Material Set

A kit to create rhinestone templates - template material, backing boards & transfer tape

£8.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Rhinestone Transfer Tape

Transfer tape designed to aid application of rhinestones to fabric and other materials

£8.99 inc. VAT
Rhinestone Scoop

An essential tool for anyone working with rhinestones

£1.19 inc. VAT
Silhouette Rhinestone Setter

A useful tool for picking up, placing and adhering individual heat-transfer rhinestones (requires batteries)

£11.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Pick-Me-Up™ Pen

A useful tool for picking up and placing small objects like rhinestones and embellishments

£6.60 inc. VAT
Silhouette Glitter Pots x6

Six jars of glitter available in Essential, Bold or Pastel colour schemes

From: £4.99
From: £5.99 inc. VAT