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Silhouette Tools have a wide range of applications from picking up small embellishments to scraping your cutting mat clean.  The Silhouette Hook is a useful tool for removing unwanted Silhouette Heat Transfer Film or Vinyl and the Silhouette Spatula can be used to lift delicate designs.
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Silhouette Tool Kit

Essential tools for weeding vinyl and print & cut materials such as transfer paper

From: £14.99
From: £17.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Hook for weeding transfer films

An essential tool for weeding vinyl and print & cut materials such as transfer paper

£6.60 inc. VAT
Silhouette Spatula for lifting delicate materials

The perfect tool to lift delicate designs from the cutting mat without curling or tearing

£6.60 inc. VAT
Silhouette Scraper to aid the application of transfer films

To aid application of garment film and vinyls - also useful for scraping your cutting mat clean!

£3.70 inc. VAT
Silhouette Rhinestone Setter

A useful tool for picking up, placing and adhering individual heat-transfer rhinestones (requires batteries)

£11.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Curio Embossing Tool - Wide

Designed to create a wider embossing channel for a uniquely embossed look

£8.99 inc. VAT
Silhouette Pick-Me-Up Pen

A useful tool for picking up and placing small objects like rhinestones and embellishments

£6.60 inc. VAT
Silhouette Roll Feeder

Provides a convenient guide for feeding rolled material straight into your Silhouette cutter, avoiding misalignment

£35.52 inc. VAT