Cricut Tools

A selection of great tools to help you bring all your creations to life.

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Cricut Basic Tools Set
£19.43 (£23.32 inc. VAT)
Enjoy all five Cricut® Tools in one basic set with four interchangeable end caps
Cricut Applicator & Remover Set
£14.50 (£17.40 inc. VAT)
Extend the life of your Cricut FabricGrip cutting mat with this toolset designed for flawless fabric application and removal
Cricut TrueControl Knife
£8.65 (£10.38 inc. VAT)
With its razor-sharp edge, piercing tip, and superior blade lock system, Cricut® TrueControl Knife gives you better control and beautiful results every time.
Cricut Weeding Tool Kit
£16.67 (£20.00 inc. VAT)
Lift, remove, and place the most intricate cuts with speed, ease, and accuracy
Cricut XL Scraper Tool
£8.33 (£10.00 inc. VAT)
Extra Large Scraper makes it easy and efficient to clean up cutting mats and apply vinyl projects more easily
Cricut Transfer Tape (12 inches x 48 inches)
£5.50 (£6.60 inc. VAT)
The lightly printed grid helps you to clearly see when placing perfectly spaced and arranged vinyl cuts to your surface