In this video we show you what is included with a new Silhouette Portrait™ or Cameo® contour cutter and explain the main differences between the two cutters. We also cover the basics of getting started and setting up the cutter.

In this video we explain how you print and then cut out a printable heat transfer using Silhouette Studio® and a Silhouette cutter.

In this video we show how you can easily create hand drawn drawings and hand written text on a tablet which can then be easily cut from garment film.

In this video we explain how you can go about getting rid of those annoying white edges you can often be left with when you use a contour cutter to cut out a printed heat transfer for dark fabrics.

In this video we aim to help you understand how you can create quality images with garment film using a Silhouette cutter and some basic drawing. We use Adobe Illustrator in the video but the process can be translated to other image editing programs.

In this video we explain some of the different ways you can you can open an image and create cut lines. We look at this process using the standard Silhouette Studio®, Studio® Designer Edition and the Connect™ plugin.