Heat Transfer Paper for INKJET PRINTERS

A closer look at specific products in our range of heat transfer papers for inkjet printers. There are transfer papers designed for light and dark fabrics but individual products have more subtle differences which affect the colour and feel of the transfer. This video explains the differences between and benefits of each product to help you decide which is the best for you.

In this video we take a look at Jet-Pro® SofStretch™ inkjet heat transfer paper. This a leading heat transfer paper for light fabrics with very little hand on the fabric.

Please note:  as you will see in our below video, where an image has gaps, it is possible to weed the unnecessary coating before pressing.  However, the manufacturer did not design Jet Pro SofStretch to work in this way.   It was designed so that excess coating would wash away after one or two washes.  Therefore, neither we nor the manufacturer warranty or support weeding the coating in this way.