Xmas Timings

The following dates are the deadlines that you need to place an order so that you have a chance of receiving your order before Christmas. 
This should give us time to package up your order and give it to the delivery company so they have enough time to deliver before Christmas. 
But these are the final deadlines so if you do need your items for Christmas, please try to order before these dates.

International Deadlines

Monday, Dec 3rd – Africa, Middle East
Thursday, December 6th – Cyprus, Malta, Asia, Far East, European Europe (except Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Friday, December 7th – Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand
Thursday, Dec 13th – Canada, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, USA, Finland, Sweden
Friday, Dec 14th – Austria, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland
Monday, Dec 18th – Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg